Imagine wrestling a gorilla, when do you stop? Do you stop when you are tired or when you kill the gorilla?

What do you do when you face a challenge just when you feel the weakest? 

How do you deal with an obstacle right after you just overcame one?

As a fighter, sometimes the fight gets to you when you are tired, when you are exhausted. Emotionally drained, physically exhausted.

You just lost someone important in your life and then you lose a loved one. You fell sick, you lost some money and oh! here comes another setback.

The doctor gives you the horrible news: you have cancer.

Right after that the woman you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with says she can’t do this anymore.

The man you imagined building a life with leaves you in the middle of the road.

You’re this close to getting your degree and your father dies. You failed your exams and had to repeat a year.

You take a swing, you throw another blow but you have no more energy to keep swinging but you still got to fight.

What do you do when the fight gets to you at your weakest?

This is like wrestling a gorilla, you don’t stop because you are tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired, you stop when you kill the gorilla.

1️⃣ First, Don’t run, walk, that’s an advice I learned from boxers who fight tired. Conserve energy. Don’t be frantic and throw jabs. Be calm. All is well. You won’t die, I mean not yet.

Don’t panic. Plan. It takes the same amount of energy.

Regardless of how tired you are, this is not the time to give up. You are wrestling a gorilla and it is not tired

If you stop fighting then all the energy you have already expended will go to waste, you will die. Get a reward for it, you are already in pain. Finish it.

Tell yourself you are going to finish the fight. Don’t stop fighting. Never stop fighting.

2️⃣ Second, keep your eyes on the prize. Imagine the reward. Be inspired by who you will become if you keep going. Don’t settle for average because you didn’t fight.

3️⃣ Third, fall and rise, don’t stay down. It’s always the hardest when you are closer to victory. The fight isn’t over when you fall, it’s over when you refuse to get up.

Fall seven. Get up eight.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. I have my own share of fights at my weakest and I know how painful it is. It’s like fire balls through your body but you won’t die.

Have faith and keep your eyes on the prize.

I feel like quitting all the time but I don’t know how to obey my feelings.

My name is Rudolph Mensah, tired but still fighting.

We shall win, maybe not immediately but definitely.


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