Choosing the right title for your book is much work than you can imagine. Most people choose the title they like and then try to sell it. There are some book titles which are hard to sell or promote.

When I wrote my first book, BECOMING YOUR DREAM, I went on Google and googled it to see if there was a book like that. I saw one book written by a Pastor called BECOME THE DREAM, I think, and Les Brown had a book titled LIVE YOUR DREAMS. I went ahead with the title BECOMING YOUR DREAM because I believe becoming is better than being. We are all becoming something at every point in our lives and so my book will be timeless and regardless of your age, we all have dreams.

Think about your title. My next book was SET AND ACHIEVE SMARTER GOALS EVERY TIME, lengthy but that was for the purpose of keywords on the subject of goal settings, this book has been voted as one of the best goal settings ebook of all time by Book Authority.

I went on to write 31 DAYS OF WISDOM, an exposition and devotional on the book of Proverbs, I added LEAP: ACTION: THE BRIDGE BETWEEN KNOWING AND DOING and my fifth book was 365 DAYS OF INSPIRATION which is a daily motivation for the whole year.

What do I mean by use keywords in your book title?

Amazon is its own search engine. People go on Amazon to search for specific books. You don’t write your book, give it a title and go on Amazon hoping readers will come buying. No, go to Amazon, find out what readers are looking for and write on those topics. Unless of course you are a New York Times Bestselling author, then people will buy anything you publish. For new authors, looking to get some recognition on Amazon, you need to research.

Research other titles in your book’s genre among books that are on the Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store list.  Under the book’s “Product Information”, you will find the top 100 in the paid list in the Kindle store. Books in the top 100 will be given a sales rank for its categories.

Look out for whether the top books in your book category all contain the same “keyword” or phrase. Make use of the Amazon “type ahead” feature in the search bar on their site. Begin typing in the keywords in your book’s title and see what readers have been searching for related to your book.

When lots of people have been using a particular keyword, it will be predicted by the “Type ahead”. I advise you to add these phrases or keywords into your title and your book will also be found more easily on Amazon.

Are you looking to publish and flourish on Amazon? Let me help you.



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